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Quan Yin Compassion

June 9, 1-4

"If you want to be happy,” says the Dalai Lama, “practice compassion.” What is compassion? Warmth. Mercy. Fellow feeling. It’s when you see the suffering of others and want to alleviate it. Yet, you can only give to the world that which you can access within our own being. Quan Yin, one of the most accessible forms of the goddess, can help us awaken compassion in our lives.

This Yoga and Writing workshop will help you soften into giving and receiving greater compassion for yourself and others.

Nurturing Yoga
Qoya Movement
Quan Yin’s Story
Journal Prompts
Mantra Practice
Rose Quartz Therapy
Guided Meditation

Sat. June 9th, 1-4pm, $35

We practice compassion when we recognize the suffering of others and want to do something about it. Or, when we listen to our bodies need for rest and rest without judgment. Some of us have a hard time finding compassion for others—especially when they’ve hurt us deeply. Others of us express too much compassion, overextending ourselves again and again, enabling our friends and family. In this workshop, we’ll explore Healthy Compassion and learn how to apply it to our relationship with others and ourselves.

*This workshop is open to yogis of all levels.





Quan Yin

She who sees and hears the cries of the world. 

Cultivate self-compassion. Stretch your heart. Expand your capacity to love with Quan Yin’s radiant heart energy.

Learn your Love Language

Feb 4,1-4


A surprise of dusty pink roses left on your nightstand? How he reaches for your hand as you enter the party? When she whispers, “Your intelligence is so sexy”? Picking up the dry cleaning without you having to ask? An evening in, curled together on the couch, cell phones off? We all feel and express love differently. 

We each have our own Love Language—
learning yours can help improve your existing and future relationships.

In this Yoga and Writing workshop, we will first connect with ourselves through breath and movement, and then explore writing prompts to help clarify our particular Love Language.

After a 1hr. yoga session, enjoy a complimentary flight of 3 roses at The Station, the Central Coast’s most original wine bar, while exploring Love Languages, journaling, taking a quiz, and discussing ways to show love most resonate for your significant relationships.

This unique workshop at The Station is a perfect date for yourself, with your girlfriends, or with your special someone.

Celebrate this Valentine’s by exploring what makes you feel most loved and connected.

Sunday | Feb. 4| 10-12:30pm | $45

*We encourage prior yoga experience, but it is not required. Bring layers and your journal!



Event Location 

Venue:   The Station SLO

Phone: 805.706.0711

Address: 311 Higuera St., 

San Luis Obispo, CA, US, 93401



Fall Back to Move Forward

Nov 4,1-4


Fall is a great time to look at our past, so we can move forward. As leaves turn green to gold and eventually carpet the ground with copper, we can take a cue from nature to release old stories and rewrite new ones.

In this yoga and writing workshop, we will focus on backbends to awaken our hearts and energize our potential.

Opening the four stations of shoulders and hips will create more freedom to explore poses like Ustrasana, Camatkarasana, Urdhva Dhanurasana, and Kapotasana. We will establish the nuts-and-bolts of backbanding as well as offer advanced variations to expand your practice.

Adopting the Middle Way approach—not “all fun” or “too hard” but both “effort” and “sweetness”--, you will begin to feel your body as your ally. From that place of connection, we will discover self-growth practices to reframe old narratives, navigate your inner critic, learn about the happiness advantage, and embrace your unbounded potential.

Saturday | Nov. 4 | 1-4pm | $45 (10% off for SDY Members & Staff)

*We encourage prior yoga experience, but it is not required. Bring layers and your journal! 

Space is Limited. Register Early! I (805) 546-9100


Conscious Core: 
Building "Core" Strength and Resilience

July 22, 1-4

Do you want to feel supported, connected, and strong? Navigating the twists and turns of life with a greater sense of adaptability?

Cultivate your “Core.”

Join Leslie St. John, of Prose and Poses, for a “Core” Yoga and Writing Workshop.

Saturday| July 22 | 1-4 pm | $40 (10% off for SDY Members)

The core is what supports us physically in our bodies and spiritually in our lives. But what is “core”? More than the ridged armor of muscles displayed on fitness magazines, core is the lumbo-pelvic-hip complex, and is integral to nearly every movement we make.

If we are weak in our core, our lower back suffers, our digestive fire wanes, and our sense of self may go wandering outside of us—leaving us feeling unsupported, disconnected, maybe even lost.

This built-in support system of “Core” is always available to us, so long as we are conscious of it and cultivate it.

Whether you have an advanced yoga practice and want to strengthen core awareness in your asanas, or you’re new to yoga and want to feel svelte for summer, this workshop is for you.  Using yoga asana/movement, writing, meditation, and self-massage, you will meet your Core.

In building the 3 layers of “Core” Strength and Resilience, you will:

EXPLORE basic Core anatomy
LEARN key Core functions
DISCOVER your spiritual Core
EXPERIENCE Core integration

Gifts for you! 
Core anatomy handout
10 “stop-and-drop”core exercises
“Sacred 7” tools for cultivating your spiritual core

Let’s get conscious about “Core” to improve our yoga poses—and our lives!

*We encourage prior yoga experience, but it is not required. 

Space is Limited. Register Early! I (805) 546-9100



Flip The Script: Inversion and Writing WORKSHOP

April 15, 1-4

Ready to see the world from a new perspective?

Are you tired of old stories you keep repeating? The ones handed down from family, culture, your ex, even that middle school coach? Scripts that run in your mind—even unconsciously—, keeping you small, limited, quiet. What if you held that story to the light? Courageously seeing it for what it is: a story you tell yourself. One that can be rewritten. 

Join Leslie St. John, of Prose and Poses, for a Yoga Inversion and Writing Workshop. 

Saturday| April 15th | 1-4 pm | $40 (10% off for SDY Members)

Whether you’re new to yoga inversions or looking for new challenges, Leslie will guide you in this 3hr. workshop that will take you upside down, turn your stories inside out, and help embody courage to see from a new angle.

We will use alignment principles to build a solid and safe foundation for the inversion practice; journaling to excavate outdated scripts, exercises to “flip” old stories to ones more truthful and empowering, and a guided meditation to anchor our newfound energy.

We encourage prior yoga experience, but it is not required. 

Space is Limited. Register Early! I (805) 546-9100



Clarify your purpose. Live your essence. 

February 10, 1-4

Join Leslie St. John for a Yoga and Writing workshop to DISCOVER your Sankalpa, that one-pointed resolve—your most muscular, vibrant, authentic intention for your life.

Yoga brings us home to our bodies; writing opens us to our potential.

In this workshop, we will use yoga and writing to ground into our bodies, listen to our hearts, and express our soulful desires. Expect to sweat. Expect words to flow from pen to page. Trust what your body and soul tell you. Express your desires! 

Your SANKALPA will help guide your day-to-day decisions--from what feels good to what does not, continually drawing you into alignment with your purpose.  Watch how it strengthens your SELF-TRUST for all other decisions. 

Inspired by the creative meditation of coloring, you will have the option to place your intention in a coloring-book page of your choosing, thus making your words a tangible piece of beauty. This accessible craft holds a message for you: the sankalpa that calls you home to your body, heart, and creativity, and encourages you toward your dreams. 

Come yogis, come artists. Come seekers and feelers. All levels welcome! 

You will leave with a renewed sense of purpose,

your sankalpa in hand and heart. 

I have a deep respect and genuine gratitude for Leslie St. John for introducing a unique and simple combination of movement and free-flowing perspective, which sloughed off layers of unnecessary distraction and ego-driven wants to bring me to a clearer and deeper understanding of my soul and its true longings. New Year’s resolutions will never be the same.
— Crystal Hendricks, Behavioral Therapist + Essential Oils Educator
Leslie’s Sankalpa Workshop at SLO Yoga Center was just what I needed to get into a space where I could set a feeling-centered intention with soul. Starting with body-movement, and ending with sips, savors, discussion and journaling…The Sankalpa Workshop helped me tap into my body+heart space to access my wants and needs in order to set a powerful intention. This is why I love pairing yoga + writing together! Because we can get into our body a bit more, and out of our mind’s chatter, and start to write with more clarity and intention. I’d recommend this workshop (and really any of Leslie’s) to all my friends + family. However, I do think this workshop in particular would be extra special for someone struggling to set goals, create intentions for their life, or who are stuck listening to their minds chatter on repeat. Clarity, clarity, clarity!
— Ashley Beels, Meraki Coach

Space is Limited. Register Early! | (805) 598-7100

$35 per person*

*Includes yoga, writing opportunities, fresh fruit, and art supplies.
*10% discount for Yoga Center members. 



open your creativity

and design your sankalpa

June 25th 1-3:30, 2016

In this playshop, we will use yoga and writing to ground into our bodies, listen to our hearts, and express our soulful desires. Through asana and journal prompts, we will discover and clarify our sankalpa, that one-pointed resolve--your most muscular, vibrant, authentic intention for your life. 

Inspired by the creative genius of artist, El May (Lara Meyerratken), we will place our intention in a field of color, thus making your words a tangible piece of beauty. This accessible craft holds a secret message for you only: The sankalpa that calls you home to your body, heart, and creativity, and encourages you toward your dreams. You will leave the workshop not only feeling rejuvenated and energized, but also inspired! 

Come yogis, come writers, come artists, come seekers and feelers. All levels welcome! 

$35 per person

*Includes yoga, writing opportunities, fresh fruit, and art supplies. 

Reserve your space today! 

Contact Jeselle at Yoga Shine671 W. Tefft Street, Nipomo, CA 93444 • (808) 352-4975