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JUNE 9, 1-4

"If you want to be happy,” says the Dalai Lama, “practice compassion.” What is compassion? Warmth. Mercy. Fellow feeling. It’s when you see the suffering of others and want to alleviate it. Yet, you can only give to the world that which you can access within our own being. Quan Yin, one of the most accessible forms of the goddess, can help us awaken compassion in our lives.

This Yoga and Writing workshop will help you soften into giving and receiving greater compassion for yourself and others.

Nurturing Yoga
Qoya Movement
Quan Yin’s Story
Journal Prompts
Mantra Practice
Rose Quartz Therapy
Guided Meditation

Sat. June 9th, 1-4pm, $35

We practice compassion when we recognize the suffering of others and want to do something about it. Or, when we listen to our bodies need for rest and rest without judgment. Some of us have a hard time finding compassion for others—especially when they’ve hurt us deeply. Others of us express too much compassion, overextending ourselves again and again, enabling our friends and family. In this workshop, we’ll explore Healthy Compassion and learn how to apply it to our relationship with others and ourselves.

*This workshop is open to yogis of all levels.


She who sees and hears the cries of the world. 

“Cultivate self-compassion. Stretch your heart. Expand your capacity to love with Quan Yin’s radiant heart energy.”

(Photo credit: Roman Kraft on Unsplash)